Elections Are Coming!

It’s time for the annual SG fall election, which fills 10 spaces on the student Senate left open especially for Freshmen and transfer students. Our candidacy packets were due back this week, and we hope to have a lot of promising candidates.  The official list will be announced on Friday, September 27th, and then campaigning will begin on October 8th. This is an exciting time for SG and on campus in general, and one thing that I would like to highlight is that even though this election is for Freshmen and transfer students, those aren’t the only people who should be voting, by far.  These 10 new Senators will be representing the whole of the student body, so no matter what your class standing, make sure that you’re paying attention in the coming weeks to choose the candidates that you feel best represent you and Mason, and be sure to vote on October 15th and 16th!

–Greg Mercer, Election & Disputes Commission Chairman



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