Recap of Last Week

Student Senate Appointments, SG Retreat, and Witch Watch 2013

At last week’s Student Senate meeting, several new senators were appointed to their positions after a brief Q&A session followed by a vote. The first person to undergo this process was Kania Maniasa, she discussed her previous experience in Student Government and several other student organizations at NOVA and stated that one of her primary goals is to create a stronger presence of student involvement on campus. The second candidate was John Daniels who mentioned goals concerning the social aspects of campus life and a wish to both encourage social interactions between students and serve the student body as a representative. The third and final candidate was Sean Kelly who showed great interest in finance. Additionally, he wished to be involved in the Diversity and Multicultural Committee and LGBTQ affairs. All three of these candidates were successfully appointed to positions in Student Senate and were sworn in at the end of the meeting.

Witch Watch took place this past Sunday (Oct 27) in the Hampton Roads plaza from 3pm-5pm. Kids from around the Fairfax community came out in their costumes, which ranged from Minnie Mouse to Al Capone. The kids played interactive games with the student organizations on campus. The games were so interactive and fun that even some of the parents had to join in! There was quite the sugar rush at Witch Watch as well. Kids got to kick off trick or treat early. They brought their Halloween baskets to collect some candy from the student organizations that participated at Witch Watch. How we knew that it was a real success, however, was the amount of dancing that took place. Students, kids, and parents participated in the festivities by dancing to some classics such as “The Wobble” and “Thriller.” Overall, the children of the Fairfax community were very satisfied with Witch Watch and Student Government was more than happy to host this experience for kids. A big “Thank You” goes out to everyone who came out and participated and made this experience a memorable one.

Also, thank you to everyone who came to the Student Government retreat! It was a great experience for the members of Student Government. The retreat included team building activities, real SG scenario problem-solving, and an information session from Career Services about creating a LinkedIn account to help improve our networking and career opportunities.

Once again, a huge thank you to all of Student Government’s active members and everything they do for the Mason community!

–Kristen Dalton, Undersecretary for Communication and Advertising

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