Some Upcoming Events!

The November 7th, 2013,  Senate meeting has been moved to the Green Coat Room in the Patriot Center. The meeting will still start at its usual time, 4:30pm. Honor all those who have served in our armed forces on November 7th for Veteran’s Day. (And, don’t forget to wish EmilyAnn, our Graduate Assistant, a big “Happy Birthday!” ) Gold Rush will be taking place Friday, November 8th. Make sure to come out for your free t-shirt and watch Mason WIN against American University to kick off our basketball season! November 12th will be our usual senate meeting at our usual location at 4:30pm. November 15th is the Student Funding Board deadline. That’s about all for the next two weeks; make sure to mark your calendars!

–Kristen Dalton, Undersecretary for Communication and Advertising

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