Thanks for Helping Make Gold Rush a Success!

Gold Rush went off without a hitch this past weekend. A big thanks to all of the hard working Student Government members that came out to hand out t-shirts, advertise for the event, took pictures, and help enthuse the student body! Students lined up from the George Mason statue all the way to North Plaza for their free Gold Rush t-shirt. The drum line performed and students danced while waiting for their t-shirt and the free food that came next. The basketball game was one for the books and a great way to kick off the season. The basketball team kept students on edge with their close game against American. Mason students definitely called it, however. George Mason beat American with a close score of 63-60. The turnout for Gold Rush was pronounced and students were enthusiastic about basketball season kicking off with such an enjoyable event. Another thank you to the dedicated members of Student Government for making the event a memorable one for the students at George Mason!

–Kristen Dalton, Undersecretary for Communication and Advertising

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