November 14th Journal

  • Agenda
    • ATTENTION: Due to construction in Mason Hall next week, Events Management has moved the 11/21 Senate Meeting to the Gold Room in the Johnson Center, Ground Floor.
  • Post Meeting Minutes
  • Roll Call Vote Tallies
  • Click here for the slides of a presentation made by guest speaker Jen Storm on a new online crowd funding platform that Mason is using …. Interested in raising funds online for your student group? Contact Jen!

Old Business:

  • Resolution #18: A Resolution in Commendation of Provost Stearns
    • Submitted by: Clerk Miller, Speaker Pro-Temp Del Duke, Chairman Wickrema (Governmental & Academic Affairs), Chairwoman Fleming (University Services), Chairwoman Tipu (Finance Committee), Chairwoman Bhatia (University Life), Chairman Kleine (M.A.S.O.N) — PASSED 33-0-1

New Business:

Committee Meeting Minutes for the Week of November 11th:

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