Dining Changes 2014-2015

Dining Changes Flyer

Official Statement Regarding Mason Dining

Released: August 27, 2014 via Mason Student Government Facebook Page

Hey Patriots! We know that there’s been concerns about some of the changes that have taken place with Mason Dining. At this time, Ike’s will be open 24/7, while Southside and Pilot House will not be open on weekends. After speaking with Mason Dining Administrators, we have been informed that data in recent years has indicated that there is an insufficient number of students utilizing residential dining halls on the weekends, which does not warrant the need for Southside or Pilot House to be operating at those times in addition to Ike’s. With that being said Ike’s will be monitored by Mason Dining closely the next few weekends to evaluate if there is an existing demand across the campus to have all three residential dining halls open. Due to Ike’s quick construction turnaround, employees are not yet at the level of appropriate training and food stations and supplies are still in their piloting stages. Moving forward, there will be new menu items appearing regularly, as well as more availability for late night options at Ike’s. Mason Dining anticipates that Ike’s will be operating in a optimal and timely fashion soon. You can contact our Executive Undersecretary for Dining, Storm Paglia (spaglia@gmu.edu), or the Mason Dining Office for more information. We ask that you pardon the rough start to the year and look forward to the opportunities that will be available in the near future. We realize and support the needs of the student body and will continue to work with administrators to ensure that the voice and concerns of all students are known and appropriately addressed.

Questions? Contact Executive Undersecretary for Dining, Storm Paglia at spaglia@gmu.edu

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