Do you need to register to vote?

Turbovote Flyer

Student Government is trying to spread awareness about civic engagement. George Mason believes that every student has a responsibility to be an engaged community member in addition to excelling academically. To that end, Student Government is committed to providing you with the information and materials you need to vote in every election from campus to local to presidential. When you sign up at the link below, you will be able to access everything you need to register to vote, stay registered to vote if you move, vote absentee, and get reminders about every local, state, and federal election regardless of where you move. Join us now at TurboVote simplifies the voting process so that you, the voters, can focus on what’s important: the candidates and questions on the ballot; however; like any other initiative, participation is pivotal — you must take the first step and register online now. Voting not only allows each individual to make their voice heard, but also for our community to play a role in shaping decisions that affect all of us.

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