Spring 2016 Election Results Announced!

On April 18th, the Elections and Disputes Commission announced the winners of the Student Government Spring 2016 Election. The following individuals have been elected to serve in term for the 2015-2016 academic year. Below are a list of the announced winners, as well as the official report released by the EDC. Additionally, the report will be made available in the Office of Student Involvement (on the following Advisors’ doors: Sara Heming, Phil Mcdaniel, and Jennifer Khoo) until Friday, April 29th, 2016. For more information, please email SGEDC@gmu.edu. Congratulations to our newly elected leaders and thank you to all the Patriots who voted!

For interested freshmen and transfer students entering Mason in the Fall 2016 semester, there will be a fall election to fill the remaining 10 seats of the Student Senate reserved specifically for you. For more information on that timeline, keep checking this website sg.gmu.edu or email Advisor Sarah Heming at smorrisr@gmu.edu.

EDC Official Election Report (please click):

  • Certification of Results
  • SPRING 2016 Election Report

Student Body President & Vice President Elects:

  • Nathaniel Pittman & Gabriela Peda

Student Senators-Elect (30):

  1. Nick Webb
  2. Greg Warren
  3. Ryan Powers
  4. Matthew Eiman
  5. Benjamin Olsen
  6. Hannah Carse
  7. Davide Genoese-Zerbi
  8. Cammie Wires
  9. Ja’Lisha Urquhart
  10. Jessica Green
  11. Danielle Gonyo
  12. Rebekah Pettine
  13. Nada Alabbar
  14. Keandra Diamond
  15. Nicholas Fisch
  16. Brendan Sullivan
  17. Caleb Kitchen
  18. Jalen Stubblefield
  19. Caitlin Lively
  20. Frederick Edwards
  21. Alicia Cedeño
  22. Jacob Koltisko
  23. Cody Pasielski
  24. Grant Pitarys
  25. John Helbling
  26. Meeghan Schrecongost
  27. James Anderson
  28. Kristian Scott
  29. Ahmed Mohammed
  30. William Acevedo

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