Fall 2016 Election Results

Below are the results for the Fall 2016 Freshman and Transfer Elections for Student Senate. Congratulations to all who were elected, and thank you to all who ran!

Candidate Name Number of Votes Received
Anastasia Slepukhova ELECTED 270
Shreetika Singh ELECTED 254
Connor Clayton ELECTED 252
Alex Lee ELECTED 239
Patrick Grady ELECTED 142
Danielle Hayden ELECTED 131
Emily Sexauer ELECTED 116
Matthew Borja ELECTED 98
Connor Lauer ELECTED 92
Kiera Johnson ELECTED 89
Jul Delaune 88
Samir Shah 88
Chris Machonis 87
Graciela Billingsley 76
John Hollinrake 72
Daniel Colombani-Garay 69
Clement Lupton IV 57
TJ Spencer 57
Joe Simms 49
Esteban Rodriguez 47
Dustin Cone 38
Farhat Noory 35
Whitney Smith 30
Anusha Khan 28

If you have any questions, please direct them to the Elections and Disputes Commission at sgedc@gmu.edu.

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Nathan Pittman

Nathan Pittman is the Student Body President at George Mason University.