The GMU Human Project

One of the main concerns that Student Government is tackling this year is the transparency between the organization and the entire Mason Community. Many students around campus have remarked that they simply ‘do not know anyone in Student Government or what they do.’ Last semester, the Undersecretary for Outreach and Media in the Public Relations Department, Mari Henderson, decided it was time to change that.

Mari Henderson, Undersecretary for Outreach and Media

Loaded with her Nikon D5100 and 50mm lens, Mari began to ask members of the organization to come sit down and have a conversation with her. This turned into the GMU Human Project. This project was designed to amplify the humanity of Student Government members and provide a look through a different lens of Student Government. In a “Humans of New York” style shoot, Mari hoped to convey the behind the scenes lives, passions and stories of the Student Senate and the Executive Cabinet.

Pablo Ramirez-Uribe, Executive Secretary for Diversity and Multicultural Affairs
Pablo Ramirez-Uribe, Executive Secretary for Diversity and Multicultural Affairs

To date, there have been 9 stories published. From having the perspectives of Ben Olsen (Chair of the Government and Community Relations Committee) to having an honest conversation with Sophia Upshaw (Student Senator), we implore you to look into the lives of our members one photo at a time.

“I chose Mason because I wanted to stay in the area. I had a job in DC doing computer programming stuff, I ended up hating computer programming but I still love Mason!” -Thomas Lippincott, Undersecretary for Facilities

This semester this project will continue. Student Government hopes that you will follow along in the narratives of our members and hopes that it will show the entire Mason Community something that they have not seen before. The GMU Human Project is published on our Facebook and Instagram Pages.

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