Mason Lobbies 2018

There is still time to register for Mason Lobbies 2018! Join Students, Faculty, Staff, and Alumni on Wednesday, January 31st, 2018 as we go down to Richmond to advocate on behalf of George Mason University and Higher Education. Food and Transportation is provided for participants!

Mason Lobbies is an annual event where we, as Mason students and alumni, take part in advocating for higher education and George Mason University‚Äôs student priorities at the state level. A bus caravan will head down to Richmond (departing from the Fairfax campus) for the “Mason Lobbies Day.”  Student and alumni participants will have the opportunity to personally meet State Representatives and Delegates and talk about their Mason experience.  Please see below for more details on each Mason Lobbies 2017 event/activity for alumni & students.

The 2018 Mason Lobbies Day initiatives include: 

  • Increasing financial aid to Mason Students
  • Faculty and Staff Compensation
  • College Affordability 


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