Fall 2015 Election Timeline Announced!

SG Senate Flyer Final

Every Fall, 10 seats in the Student Senate are reserved for freshman & transfer students ONLY! The Fall election timeline is below, but if you have any questions, please feel free to email SGEDC@gmu.edu. If you’re interested in joining a different branch either though the Executive Cabinet OR the Elections & Disputes Commission, please email SG@gmu.edu. Thank you!

 2015 Fall Election Timeline

  •  SEPTEMBER 8th at 12pm – Election packets available in Student Involvement, located in The HUB, Suite 2300 (middle floor)
  • SEPTEMBER 18th at 12pm – Election packets DUE back to Student Involvement, located in The HUB, Suite 2300 (middle floor)
  • SEPTEMBER 23rd – Candidates notified of their candidacy status
  • September 24th – MANDATORY Candidate Meeting at 5:00pm in The HUB, Meeting Room 5
  • September 28th at 12:01am – Campaigning BEGINS for Fall candidates
  • October 6th at 12:00am – Elections OPEN on getconnected.gmu.edu
  • October 7th at 11:59pm – Elections CLOSE on getconnected.gmu.edu
  • OCTOBER 8th by 12:00pm – Election Results Announced
    • ALL Candidates will be emailed directly by 12pm and the results will also be posted at the front of the Office of Student Involvement, as well as on the Student Government website – sg.gmu.edu
  • October 8th at 4:30pm – Elected Candidates 1st Senate Meeting in Merten Hall, Room 1202
  • October 10th – MANDATORY Fall Retreat with all SG Members, 10am – 4pm, Student Involvement Office (The HUB)

Coming to summer Orientation? Be sure to stop by the Student Involvement tables OR come to our Patriot Information Session to learn more and ask questions directly! We look forward to meeting you!


  • Election Code (as revised for the 2015 season)
  • Download a version of the above Fall 2015 timeline HERE

Student Government Hosts “Financing Mason: A Tuition Forum…”

Financing Mason Cover Photo


On Tuesday, April 28th, 2015 from 12:00 – 1:00pm in Research Hall, Room 163 Student Government hosted Financing Mason: A Tuition Conversation with Senior Vice President JJ Davis. Jennifer (J.J.) Davis was appointed the Senior Vice President for Administration and Finance for George Mason University in March of 2013. In this role she provides direction, oversight, and financial and operation management for Mason fiscal services; purchasing and accounts payable; budget and planning; campus police; auxiliary enterprises; transportation and parking services; human resources and payroll; facilities management, planning, financing and construction; and space management.

This event was an opportunity for students to hear first hand about where their tuition dollars go and how impending budget cuts impact the institution, especially the student experience. In addition to the presentation, there was an open question & answer session at the end specifically for students to have their voices heard. To view a copy of the presentation used during the event, which outlines institutional spending, how Mason financially compares to other Virginia state institutions, and projections for where the budget is going please CLICK HERE.


April 16th, 2015

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April 9th, 2015

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Spring 2015 Election Results Announced!

On April 6th, 2015, the Elections & Disputes Commission announced the winners of the Student Government Spring 2015 Election. The following individuals have been elected to serve in term for the 2015-2016 academic year. Below are a list of the announced winners, as well as the official report released by the EDC. Additionally, the report will be made available in the Office of Student Involvement (on Advisor Melissa Ulmer’s door) until Friday, April 17th, 2015. For more information, please email SGEDC@gmu.edu. Congratulations to our newly elected leaders and thank you to the 2,459 Patriots for voting!

For interested freshman and transfer students entering Mason in the Fall 2015 semester, there will be a fall election to fill the remaining 10 seats of the Student Senate reserved specifically for you. For more information on that timeline, keep checking this website: sg.gmu.edu/elections OR email Advisor and Assistant Director for Student Government Melissa Masone Ulmer at mmasone2@gmu.edu.

EDC Official Election Report (please click):

Student Body President & Vice President Elects:

  • Khushboo Bhatia & Ali Zaidi

Student Senators-Elect (30):

  1. Zanib Cheema
  2. Kayla Vaughan
  3. TJ Caver
  4. Elizabeth Dorrian
  5. Alex Short
  6. Jaclyn Jones
  7. Jalen Stubblefield
  8. Ivan Avramovic
  9. Farah Elherazy
  10. Laura Heger
  11. Ben Ellison
  12. Greg Warren
  13. Olivia Lanham
  14. Alexander Krupp
  15. Dan O’Brien
  16. Nathan Pittman
  17. John Daniels
  18. Ryan Powers
  19. Ryan Cook
  20. Leila Raminpour
  21. Jessica Green
  22. Tana McDonald
  23. Christopher Gregg
  24. Heidi Ouf
  25. Musirah Khan
  26. Chelsea Loane
  27. Hannah Carse
  28. Steven Pitts
  29. Caleb Hudzik
  30. Nema Djavadi

March 26th, 2015

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Spring 2015 Election Candidates Announced!


Below is the final list of candidates for the Spring 2015 Student Government elections. The candidates were notified on Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015:

Candidates for Student Body President & Vice President (in no particular order)

Chandler Jenkins & Obum Egolum

Khushboo Bhatia & Ali Zaidi

Pete Kleine & Jordan Wilson

Laura Freeman & Taylor Sprague

Candidates for Student Senate – 30 Seats Available (in no particular order)

Farah Elherazy

Waqar Chaudhry

Alex Short

Greg Warren

(Daniel) Alex Seals

Jessica Green

Ben Ellison

Kayla Vaughan

Chelsea Loane

Nema Djavadi

Terence Stovall

Alexander Krupp

Hannah Carse

Steven Pitts

Thomas Caver

Christopher Gregg

Jalen Stubblefield

Olivia Lanham

Ivan Avramović

Tana McDonald

Ray Winner Baran

John Daniels

Nathan Pittman

Musirah Khan

Laura Heger

Zanib Cheema

Dan O’Brien

Ryan Cook

Caleb Hudzik

Heidi Ouf

Doug Thoreson

Jaclyn Jones

Leila Raminpour

Kevin Monnin

Elizabeth Dorrian

Ryan Powers

Alexander Colorado


  • WEDNESDAY, MARCH 4th at 5:00PM – MANDATORY Candidate Meeting in JC Meeting Room C
  • MONDAY, MARCH 16TH at 12:01AM – Campaigning BEGINS for Spring Candidates
  • THURSDAY, MARCH 26TH at 7:30PM – Spring Election Debate in the JC Atrium
  • MONDAY, MARCH 30TH at 12:01AM – Elections OPEN on getconnected.gmu.edu
  • FRIDAY, APRIL 3RD at 5:00PM – Elections CLOSE on getconnected.gmu.edu
  • MONDAY, APRIL 6TH at 12:00PM – Election Results Announced in JC Atrium. Results will also be posted at the front of Student Involvement, as well as on the Student Government website – sg.gmu.edu – and social media following the public announcement.
  • SUNDAY, APRIL 26TH from 1:00PM – 5:00PM – MANDATORY New Member Retreat for all newly elected members
  • THURSDAY, APRIL 30TH at 4:30PM in MERTEN HALL, ROOM 1201 – 1ST Meeting of the 36th Student Senate & Swearing in of the New Student Body President & Vice President


February 26th, 2015

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