Cops in the Community Feedback

Student Government and Omega Psi Phi are looking for feedback about policing at a national and local level. In addition to this survey, we are looking forward to hopefully seeing you at the Cops in the Community Event on March 7th at 7:30pm in the Bistro. There, you will have the opportunity to have an open dialogue with Police Officers from Fairfax City, Fairfax County and the Mason PD.

Please take time to take the survey here:

Student Government Legislation: February 16, 2017

The Student Senate will meet at 4:30p on Thursday, February 16th, 2017 in Merten Hall 1201. All committees met before the meeting and their minutes below. 

*Please note that the agenda was amended on the floor, so see the new agenda for the full Senate meeting, please visit the Student Government Office. 

General Senate Meeting Agenda

The Student Senate voted to move Point B in New Business to Point A in Old Business and voted to strike Point C from the Agenda.

There will be two appointments to the Student Senate this week. No Executive or Elections and Disputes Appointments were planned for the agenda this week. 

Administrative and Financial Affairs Minutes

University Services Minutes

Diversity and Multicultural Affairs

University Life

Government and Community Relations

University Academics

The GMU Human Project

One of the main concerns that Student Government is tackling this year is the transparency between the organization and the entire Mason Community. Many students around campus have remarked that they simply ‘do not know anyone in Student Government or what they do.’ Last semester, the Undersecretary for Outreach and Media in the Public Relations Department, Mari Henderson, decided it was time to change that.

Mari Henderson, Undersecretary for Outreach and Media

Loaded with her Nikon D5100 and 50mm lens, Mari began to ask members of the organization to come sit down and have a conversation with her. This turned into the GMU Human Project. This project was designed to amplify the humanity of Student Government members and provide a look through a different lens of Student Government. In a “Humans of New York” style shoot, Mari hoped to convey the behind the scenes lives, passions and stories of the Student Senate and the Executive Cabinet.

Pablo Ramirez-Uribe, Executive Secretary for Diversity and Multicultural Affairs
Pablo Ramirez-Uribe, Executive Secretary for Diversity and Multicultural Affairs

To date, there have been 9 stories published. From having the perspectives of Ben Olsen (Chair of the Government and Community Relations Committee) to having an honest conversation with Sophia Upshaw (Student Senator), we implore you to look into the lives of our members one photo at a time.

“I chose Mason because I wanted to stay in the area. I had a job in DC doing computer programming stuff, I ended up hating computer programming but I still love Mason!” -Thomas Lippincott, Undersecretary for Facilities

This semester this project will continue. Student Government hopes that you will follow along in the narratives of our members and hopes that it will show the entire Mason Community something that they have not seen before. The GMU Human Project is published on our Facebook and Instagram Pages.

Mason Lobbies 2017

There is still time to register for Mason Lobbies 2017! Join Students, Faculty, Staff, and Alumni on January 25 as we go down to Richmond to advocate on behalf of George Mason University and Higher Education. Food and Transportation is provided for participants!

Mason Lobbies is an annual event where we, as Mason students and alumni, take part in advocating for higher education and George Mason University’s student priorities at the state level. A bus caravan will head down to Richmond (departing from the Fairfax campus) for the “Mason Lobbies Day.”  Student and alumni participants will have the opportunity to personally meet State Representatives and Delegates and talk about their Mason experience.  Please see below for more details on each Mason Lobbies 2017 event/activity for alumni & students.

The 2017 Mason Lobbies Day initiatives include: 

  • Increasing financial aid to Mason Students
  • Faculty and Staff Compensation
  • College Affordability 


Welcome Back 2017


Welcome back to the Spring Semester! We hope that you enjoyed your break and ready to jump back in to the Mason Nation! If you ever need anything, Student Government is here for you! Please feel free to contact us at any time. 

This semester, the Student Senate will meet at 4:30 on Thursdays and the Executive Cabinet will meet at 7:30 on Monday. Please check the Calendar for latest locations. 

The Student Funding Board’s deadlines for this semester are below. As a reminder, to apply and receive funding, your Event would need to be on GetConnected. 


This semester, in an effort to become more transparent with the work being done, Student Government is excited to have a monthly newsletter that is available to subscribe to here. This newsletter will be show highlights and progress on major projects within the organization.

Student Government is currently looking for students to join the Student Senate, a select number of positions within the Executive Branch, and Elections and Disputes Commission. If interested in more information, please fill out this inquiry form on

Witch Watch 2016


Witch Watch is an annual event in which community members are invited to bring their children to campus for a safe trick-or-treating environment. Registered Student Organizations as well as Fraternity and Sorority Life give local children candy for Halloween. Your RSO can sign up by visiting the Forms tab on the Student Government GetConnected!

This year the event will be in outside of Merten Hall on the lawn. The event will be from 12-3pm on Saturday, October 29th. If you would like more information, please contact

Fall 2016 Election Results

Below are the results for the Fall 2016 Freshman and Transfer Elections for Student Senate. Congratulations to all who were elected, and thank you to all who ran!

Candidate Name Number of Votes Received
Anastasia Slepukhova ELECTED 270
Shreetika Singh ELECTED 254
Connor Clayton ELECTED 252
Alex Lee ELECTED 239
Patrick Grady ELECTED 142
Danielle Hayden ELECTED 131
Emily Sexauer ELECTED 116
Matthew Borja ELECTED 98
Connor Lauer ELECTED 92
Kiera Johnson ELECTED 89
Jul Delaune 88
Samir Shah 88
Chris Machonis 87
Graciela Billingsley 76
John Hollinrake 72
Daniel Colombani-Garay 69
Clement Lupton IV 57
TJ Spencer 57
Joe Simms 49
Esteban Rodriguez 47
Dustin Cone 38
Farhat Noory 35
Whitney Smith 30
Anusha Khan 28

If you have any questions, please direct them to the Elections and Disputes Commission at