The Executive Branch of Student Government is led by the Student Body President and Vice President (elected by the student body each April), and includes the Secretaries and Undersecretaries for each department.  This branch “executes” the many projects and policies organized with Student Government–each member is focused on a particular subject, issue or program and works with Student Senate counterparts to accomplish these tasks.  All Secretaries and Undersecretaries are nominated by the President and approved by the Student Senate.  Interested in joining?  Please email for more information!

Student Senate

The Student Senate is the largest branch within Student Government. It is made up of a total of 40 senators (30 elected in April and 10 elected in October for the freshman and transfer students) elected by the student body. The Senate is run by the Speaker, the Speaker Pro-tempore, and the Clerk of the Student Senate. The Senate itself is broken down into six committees: University  Services, University Life, Diversity & Multicultural Affairs, Government & Community Relations, Senate Administrative & Financial Affairs, and Academic Affairs. The Senate is responsible for passing all legislation brought before it, including resolutions that give statements on the opinions of the student body, and bills that provide funding for Student Government events and activities.

  • Student Senate Meetings occur every Thursday at 4:30pm. Please see our calendar page for the meeting locations HERE. All are welcome to attend.


The Elections and Disputes Commisson (EDC) is an independent body of Student Government. The EDC has sole power over holding official elections of Student Government and presides as an independent adjudicator when and should disputes arise between the Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch. There is a minimum of five members and a maximum of nine.  Commissioners, members of the EDC, shall be registered full time students of George Mason University and be in good academic and university standing. The dates of office are from date of approval until the date of their respective graduation,resignation, or removal from their Office.

Member Resources