Congratulations to our Elections Winners!

Congratulations to our newest Senators-Elect who will begin their term of the 34th Student Senate on Thursday, October 11, 2012 at 4:30pm in Mason Hall D3 Room A&B. The Senators-Elect are listed below in order of highest votes received to lowest:

  • Stacy Fleming-184
  • Aaron Yohai-172
  • Christopher Evans-165
  • Luke Melton-164
  • Allison Lundy-157
  • Connor Rohan-151
  • Alexander Colorado-142
  • Anderw Hood-141
  • Khushboo Bhatia-136
  • Rondene Grinam-129


For a full list of all candidates from this election cycle and the vote count, please click the following link or stop by The Office of Student Involvement, located in The HUB, Suite 2300: