About Student Government

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Student Government is a permanent standing entity which receives its legitimacy and authority as representatives of the entire student body. The Student Government of George Mason University advocates the interests of the student body, educates the University community with regard to the state of the institution, and represents the interests of each student. The Student Government of George Mason University will serve as a liaison to the administration, faculty, staff, and University community.

Governing Documents

The Executive Branch 

The Executive Branch is comprised of various positions appointed by the Student Body President and Vice President. They serve in directed liaison roles to serve the Mason community through various projects, events and initiatives.

The Executive Branch also contains the Executive Boards. These include the Parking Appeals Board, the Student Funding Board and the Student Dining Board. All of these positions are appointed by the Student Body President and confirmed by the Student Senate.

If you are interested in applying for any open position, please complete the application on getconnected.gmu.edu. Descriptions of each position can be found in the Code of Student Governance. Email Bekah Pettine, Student Body President, at sg@gmu.edu for more information on the Cabinet or if you have any questions.


Student Senate (Legislative Branch)

Every year, there are 2 elections for positions in Student Government:

  • Spring Election: Held to elect the Student Body President & Vice President, as well as Student Senators (30 positions are open for this election)
  • Fall Election: Held to fill the remaining 10 seats in the Student Senate. Only Freshmen and Transfer Students are permitted to run during this election.

    There are 40 seats in the Student Senate. Whenever this number drops below 40, the appointment process is available. This requires confirmation hearings.

If you’re interested in joining the Student Senate at a time when elections are not taking place, please e-mail the Speaker of the Senate at sg@gmu.edu or come by the Student Involvement Office in the Hub Suite 2300!

The Elections and Disputes Commission

Interested in joining the EDC? The EDC is comprised of 9 commissioners and is filled through appointment by the Student Body President & Vice President. The commissioners are appointed to lifetime terms, meaning they each serve through graduation. If you are interested in applying for a commissioner position starting in Fall 2018, please complete the application. For more information the Commission, please e-mail sgedc@gmu.edu.