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Deadline to Opt-In to Alternate Grading via Patriot Web Now May 11

Update (May 11, 15:45): The university Registrar has sent an email to students alerting them of the change. Please check your student email for more information. Additionally, the Change of Grade Mode Request form can be found here.

The deadline to opt-in to alternative grading (XS, XP, XN) on a course by course basis through Patriot Web has been changed to Monday, May 11. According to the Registrar’s Office, students may still opt-in past May 11 (until May 20) but will be required to fill out the Change of Grade Mode Request form for each course. Please see additional details on the Registrar’s official site.

Update (May 9, 14:30): The Chairman of the Senate Academics Committee, Moses Hunsaker, received word from Dr. Bethany Usher, Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education, who had the following to say regarding the change:

We haven’t actually changed the date you can ask for the alternative grade, but we have had to change the process. May 11 is the first day that faculty can submit grades. Once a professor submits a final grade, the Patriot Web system won’t allow a change in the grade type. At that point, you can still ask for the change to the COVID-19 alternative grading system by using the form that the Registrar has posted, and it will be processed by them.The final date that you can choose to use the alternative grading system is May 20, but there will be a grace period of a few days after to allow students to get the form turned in.

Again, you still have until May 20th to choose the alternative grade, but because of the way that the Patriot Web system works, we had to use the form to give students maximum flexibility. Please feel free to let students know this through your email lists and social media. 

Email exchange between Moses and Dr. Usher on May 9.

Update (May 9, 21:30): We have spoken with the University Registrar, Doug McKenna, and we have advocated that a student-wide email be sent out to address the mass confusion.

Student Government will continue to explore the situation and provide relevant updates as needed. If you have any feedback or questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.