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New Administration, New Vision

Thursday, April 30 marked the first meeting of the 41st Student Senate. The meeting began with the swearing in of 27 new senators as well as Student Body President Shelby Adams and Vice President David O’Connell.

With the new leadership change comes new visions for the future of George Mason and student experience. Shelby and David, who ran on a platform of “Connect, Create, Commit”, had this to say about their immediate plans, “[we want] to make sure we sit down with each respective department to ensure we have a plan once the fall begins”. What is part of that plan for the fall? “[As a team we hope to] kickstart a free menstrual product pilot program in the Johnson Center,” said Shelby, “It has been an initiative that has been worked on all year, so we’re excited to see it come into fruition!”.

A new wave of change is coming in the Student Senate as well following the election of a brand new leadership team.

  • Speaker of the Student Senate: Cassidy Whitehurst
  • Speaker Pro Tempore: Natalia Kanos
  • Clerk of the Student Senate: Hunter Young
  • Chair of Admin & Finance: Solomon Fair
  • Chair of University Services: Jillian Bennett
  • Chair of Diversity & Multicultural Affairs: Catalina Correa
  • Chair of University Life: CJ Davis
  • Chair of Government & Community Relations: Dawson Weinhold
  • Chair of Academics: Moses Hunsaker

Dawson Weinhold, the new Government and Community Relations (GCR) Chair, said he was, “looking forward to strengthening [Student Government’s] relationship with the city and county of Fairfax and increasing civic engagement on campus.” Last October, Student Government hosted a very successful, family oriented Witch Watch event in Fairfax City, and we hope this year it can be even better. The annual Mason Lobbies trip also seems to be at the top of many GCR committee members’ minds.

We are all looking forward to the change this Student Senate and administration can enact on behalf of the student body. They follow in the footsteps of a productive 40th Student Senate and the leadership of the Layton/McLaughlin administration, but we are confident they’ll soar high.

At the next meeting, the Student Senate will vote to confirm many of the remaining Executive Cabinet positions.