Welcome to Mason Student Government!

George Mason University’s Student Government is a permanent standing entity that is representative of the entire student body. We advocate for the interests of our fellow peers, meet with the Administration on a regular basis to address students’ issues and concerns, educate the student body with regard to the state of the institution, and represent the interests of each student. Our mission is to serve as a liaison to the administration, faculty, and community.

Student Senate

Mason’s Student Senate serves as direct representatives for the Student Body and is elected each Fall and Spring. Read more about the Student Senate here!

Executive Cabinet

The Executive Branch of Student Government is handpicked and led by the Student Body President and Vice President and includes a variety of Secretaries and Undersecretaries. Read more about the Executive Cabinet here!

Elections & Disputes Commission

The Elections and Disputes Commission under Student Government functions as the body that oversees everything that is related to elections, governance, and documentation. Read more about EDC here!

A Statement from Student Government Leadership on the Tragedy at UVA