Meet the Executive Cabinet

Below you will find the members of the executive cabinet under the Wyche-Palumbo cabinet.

Executive Cabinet Leadership

Paul Wyche

he/him |


“As Student Body President, I’m not only going to continue the work I’ve laid a foundation for through my previous positions of Chair of the Government and Community Relations Committee and Speaker of the Student Senate but also greatly expand this work and ensure that ALL voices part of the Mason community are being heard and taken into consideration.”

Nell Palumbo

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Vice President

“We’re almost there & nowhere near it. All that matters is that we’re going!”

Pauneez Faris

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Chief of Staff

“In my role as Chief of Staff, my aim is to foster strong relationships among the different communities here at Mason while also providing support to Student Government as a whole. One of my priorities is to empower students and to serve as a positive role model. Additionally, I am passionate about raising awareness regarding the lack of hygiene products not just on campus, but also on a larger scale. I am extremely excited to make an impact!”

Zayd Hamid

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Presidential Advisor

“As personal advisor for the Student Body President, my success is the success of Student Government as a whole. To that end, I seek to foster greater collaboration and joint initiative work between Student Government’s branches, boards, etc. and to further the participation of students — both from within Student Government and outside of the organization — in the administration of the university through inclusion in the various boards, committees, etc. that comprise the university’s executive bureaucracy.”


This position is vacant!

Secretary of Administrative and Financial Affairs

This position is vacant. If you are interested, you can apply HERE!

This position is vacant!

Secretary of University Services

This position is vacant. You can apply for it HERE!

Pierce Landon

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Secretary of University Life

“I intend on advocating for greater accountability and equity within Student Government, as well as utilizing SG resources to ensure student organizations are being supported and uplifted on campus.”

Fenia Lamprianidou

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Secretary of Government and Community Relations

 “As the GCR Secretary, my focus is on ensuring that every voice within the Mason community is heard and taken into account while fostering a connection between federal and local matters.”

Kheira Bekkadja

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Secretary of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs

Kheira Bekkadja is a Muslim Algerian American who is passionate about creating spaces for others to feel comfortable to be their wholehearted selves – uniquely embracing their respective culture and beliefs. 

“My greatest hope as George Mason’s Secretary for Diversity and Multicultural Affairs is to be the vehicle of inspiration for others to be the change they want to see. I want the students of George Mason to feel welcomed and empowered to create meaningful impacts in their respective paths of interest. Alongside university administration and students, I want everyone to feel the urgency to include and uplift others, by enhancing awareness and action to respect, appreciate, and celebrate the various cultures and religions represented by our Mason community. They say that diversity is inviting people to the party, and inclusion is asking them to dance.”

Samantha Whetzler

she/her |

Secretary of Academics

“As a member of the Executive Cabinet, I hope to support the Wyche-Palumbo campaign initiatives and connect with campus professionals through outreach alongside Senators. Also to be able to play a formative role in BASC (which is an upcoming Academic Initiative).”

Shreyas Adicherla

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Secretary of Public Relations

“My greatest hope is to give the vast amount of hard work and dedication that all of the SG members give it’s proper exposure and coverage. Working with Student Media, RSOs, and many other organizations and creators on campus is not just a way to connect with the student body but also unlocks the opportunity for people to get involved. Being fully accountable and transparent is a factor in legitimizing this ‘connect’ and I strive to ensure that we achieve such goals.”


Ian Struble

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Undersecretary for Dining

Arman Mahjoor

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Undersecretary for Information Technology

“My ultimate goal is to improve Mason’s current IT infrastructure and resources. Additionally, I work with other departments to ensure their IT needs are being met.”

Vidhi Pathak

she/her |

Undersecretary for Sustainability

“Hello everyone! My name is Vidhi Pathak and I am your new Undersecretary for Sustainability! This term, I plan to spearhead brand new initiatives and improve existing ones to make sustainability more approachable and achievable for everyone on campus. I look forward to the opportunity for contributing to a more sustainable future for all!”

Elinor Bunch

she/her |

Undersecretary for Facilities

“As Undersecretary for Facilities, I aim to bridge the gap between student needs and Facilities Department led projects. I work closely with Sustainability and Accessibility to ensure that infrastructural projects encompass sustainability and accessibility related goals to best serve the needs of the student body and improve the future of our campus. Green infrastructure is crucial to climate resiliency!”

Ethan Thomas

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Undersecretary for Housing and Residence Life

“I hope to expand the opportunities for students to advocate for themselves in HRL. Specifically, I want to work with HRL on their efforts to make a residence hall association and ensure this group has the support they need to advocate for students. I also want to continue the great work of the Student Staff Voice, which serves as an advocacy group for student staff members. Additionally, I want to work with HRL on finding the most effective channels to get information out to students.”

Grant Davis

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Undersecretary for Campus Operations

“As Undersecretary of Campus Operations, I am passionate about serving the Mason student community and fighting for their interests as they pertain to transportation, parking, business services, and more. If you have any ideas for initiatives, questions, or concerns, please reach out to me via email!”

This position is vacant!

Undersecretary for Cultural and Identity Affairs

If you’re interested in this position, please apply here!

Sofie Strompf

she/her |

Undersecretary for Accessibility

“As the Undersecretary for Accessibility, I am looking forward to working with departments throughout the university to increase accessibility and inclusivity. As a disabled Mason student myself, I am passionate about utilizing my student government platform to help amplify and unite voices of others in the disabled campus community.”

Naila Ahsan

she/her |

Undersecretary for International Student Relations and Affairs

“As the Undersecretary of International Student Affairs, I will commit to work with utmost diligence and dedication for creating a welcoming atmosphere that encourages cultural awareness, exchange and collaboration. I will ensure that all voices are heard and all needs are met. By building a bridge between diverse cultures and differences, I will foster open communication and feedback, organize cultural events, and implement initiatives that promote inclusivity and equity. I aim to create a more supportive and enriching experience for the international students and the diverse Mason community to the best of my ability.”

Anka Whelan

she/her |

Undersecretary for Athletics and Mason Recreation

“I am passionate about helping bring out the best of Mason Rec and Athletics so that all students can get the most out of their time at Mason!”

Riley Bryk

she/her |

Undersecretary for Well-Being and Safety

“I’m extremely driven when it comes to giving more opportunity for students to advance their well-being, mentally and physically. I’m also excited to develop a better connection between students and the police department, as they also help with mental well-being along with physical well-being.”

This position is vacant!

Undersecretary for Student Involvement

If you’re interested in the position, please apply here!

Angel Atuonah

she/her |

Undersecretary for Contemporary Student Services

“As Undersecretary of Contemporary student Service, I am dedicated to advocating for a secure environment that facilitates the advancement of student interests, participation, and engagement, especially for off-campus students and those with distinctive circumstances. My commitment lies in ensuring an inclusive and safe atmosphere for all, both on and off-campus, promoting a vibrant and fulfilling student experience.”

Cassandra Batz

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Undersecretary for Title IX and Clery Act Compliance

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Paige Thurber

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Undersecretary for Student Civic Engagement and Community Relations

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Undersecretary for State and Local Affairs

“This position is vacant. Interested? Apply for it HERE!”


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Undersecretary of Academic and Professional Development

“This position is vacant. Interested? Apply for it HERE!”

Mehrin Siddiqui

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Undersecretary for Financial and Merit Aid

“I would like to commit to making financial aid and scholarships more accessible to every student.”

Zainab Samsudeen

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Undersecretary for Communications and Advertisement


Taalya Khan

she/her |

Undersecretary for Outreach and Media Relations

“As Undersecretary of Outreach and Media Relations, I hope to build a better connection between Student Government and our diverse student body. I want to make sure everyone feels heard, as well as highlight the amazing work SG does for the students!”

Simeon Omorodion

(he/him) |

Undersecretary of Website Management

“I have a dream to create technology that causes explosive change for the diverse population of George Mason.”

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