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Student Government values open communication and is an entity here to provide support to the George Mason University student body. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or feedback, you can contact us through our emails or fill out our general feedback form

Student Government regularly holds office hours in the SG Office within the Student Involvement Office from Monday to Thursday, 9 am – 9 pm and 9 am – midnight on Fridays. Feel free to come by and you will generally find some of our members available to answer your questions or concerns!

Student Government Office

Student Government regularly holds office hours where any student can come to discuss any questions, concerns, or comments. The Student Government office is located in the Student Involvement Office in The Hub.

Contact Information

Check out the emails below to contact our members with questions or comments. If you aren’t sure who to connect with, please email us at

Emails of Chairs

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Chair of Administrative and Financial Affairs:

Chair of University Services:

Chair of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs:

Chair of University Life:

Chair of Government and Community Relations:

Chair of University Academics:

Emails of Secretaries

Secretary of Administrative and Financial Affairs:

Secretary for University Services: VACANT

Secretary for Diversity and Multicultural Affairs:

Secretary for University Life:

Secretary for Government and Community Relations:

Secretary for University Academics:

Secretary for Public Relations:

Emails of Undersecretaries

Undersecretary of University Services for Dining:

Undersecretary of University Services for Information Technology: VACANT

Undersecretary of University Services for Sustainability:

Undersecretary of University Services for Facilities:

Undersecretary for Housing and Residence Life:

Undersecretary for Campus Operations:

Undersecretary for Cultural and Identity Affairs:

Undersecretary for Accessibility:

Undersecretary for International Student Relations and Affairs:

Undersecretary for Athletics and Mason Recreation:

Undersecretary for Well-Being and Safety:

Undersecretary for Student Involvement:

Undersecretary for Contemporary Student Services:

Undersecretary for Title IX and Clery Act Compliance:

Undersecretary for Student Civic Engagement and Community Relations:

Undersecretary for State and Local Affairs: VACANT

Undersecretary of Academic and Professional Development:

Undersecretary for Financial and Merit Aid:

Undersecretary for Communications and Advertisement:

Undersecretary for Outreach and Media Relations:

Email of Website Manager

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Undersecretary of Website Management: Arman Mahjoor,

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