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Getting involved with Student Government is easy. Whether you are looking to hold a formal position as a board member, cabinet member, or student senator, or perhaps you’re looking to get your RSO involved in our events, there are tons of options to suit your needs.

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Being a part of the student government is a unique opportunity to serve, represent, and make a difference in the Mason Nation.

Student Senate: The student senate represents a flexible platform where students can choose and advocate for initiatives that matter to them. If you’d like to join student senate, please send your application in this link!

Executive Cabinet: This body falls under the leadership of the President and Vice President. Members of the executive cabinet will be provided a list of initiatives and guidance from leadership. Press this link if you’re interested in a position!

Elections and Disputes Commission: This commission ensures the fairness and integrity of student government elections. Apply to join the team here.

Parking Board: The Parking Board handles issues related to campus parking. The responsibilities of this team include overseeing parking rules, handling appeals, and ensuring fair and consistent application of the parking rules. Apply here.

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Check out the links under the “Contact Us” tab to learn more. If you are looking for other ways to get involved with student government, please email us at

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