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Initiative Master List 23-24

SG Contact Sheet 23-24 (contact Clerk Emery,

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SG Info Master List 23-24

Who to CC on Emails Cheat Sheet

Student Government Budget Report (January 2024)

SG Budget

Student Senate Starter Guide


Uniformed Bill Layout

Uniformed Resolution Layout

Checklist for Minutes

Checklist for Legislation

Robert Rules Cheat Sheet

Code Bill Template with Explanation

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Meeting Times


Thursday at 7:00 pm, Merten 1204

Senate Committee Times

Full Session Senate

Thursday at 4:30 pm, Merten 1201

Administrative and Financial Affairs Committee

Monday at 11 am, SG Office

University Services Committee

Tuesday at 4:30 pm, SG Office

Diversity and Multicultural Affairs Committee 

Monday at 4:30 pm, SG Office

University Life Committee

Monday at 3 pm, SG Office

University Academics Committee 

Wednesday at 12 pm, SG Office

Government and Community Relations Committee

Tuesday at 2 pm, SG Office

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