A Look into SG

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Meet the Executive Cabinet

Mason Student Government’s Executive Cabinet is hand-picked by the Student Body President and Vice President for that academic year. Upon election and appointment in April, the President and Vice President begin the interview and selection process for their cabinet for the upcoming year.

Meet the Student Senate

Mason Student Government’s Senate body runs annually, whose members are elected in the Fall and Spring of every academic year. Election to the Student Senate is open to Freshman and Transfer students, however upperclassmen who were previously in Student Senate are able to be nominated for Leadership positions.

Meet the Elections and Disputes Commission

The Elections and Disputes Commission under George Mason Student Government functions as the body that oversees everything that is related to elections, governance, and documentation. They also work to draft governing documents, bylaws relating to processes within Mason Student Government, as well as the function of elections and candidacy.

Meet the Advisors

Mason Student Government’s Senate and Executive Cabinet have Administrative Advisors that both oversee Student Government processes and work with Student Government to serve as liaisons for Upper-Level departments at Mason such as University Life.


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