The Elections and Disputes Commission

The Elections and Disputes Commission (EDC) serves as the judicial branch and holds the exclusive authority to interpret the Student Body Constitution.
The Commission is composed of commissioners appointed by the Student Body President and approved by the Student Senate. The EDC must have a minimum of five commissioners and no more than nine to ensure its functioning. Among these commissioners, a chair is selected to oversee commission sessions, handle cases adjudicated by the commission, establish an election code, and address other matters falling within the commission’s jurisdiction.
Additionally, two agencies exist within the EDC: the Election Judicial Board and the Disputes Board. The Election Judicial Board is responsible for investigating and hearing cases related to violations of the election code. The Disputes Board handles disputes between the Legislative and Executive Branches and decides on matters of constitutionality concerning the Code of Student Governance, Student Body Constitution, the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Virginia, or the Constitution of the United States.

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