Student Parking Board

The Student Parking Board is comprised of nine currently enrolled Mason students, including a Chairman who is elected by Board members. The Board is responsible for hearing student parking appeals and is the second level of appeals. The Board is also responsible for developing parking initiatives to best satisfy the needs of fellow Patriots.

Members are always open to suggestions and feedback on how they can best serve the student body, so feel free to send an email to! Round-table discussions take place once a month, although meeting times are subject to change from semester to semester based on the availability of members. Students are welcome and encouraged to attend a round-table discussion and present their ideas to the Board!

Student Parking Board members:

Marzana Afroz (Chairman)

Jonah Hamman

Vincent Matamoros

Ryan Whitehurst

Genevieve Glasser

Aleah Johnson

Mitchell Brownawell

Vishwa Soni