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Read: Featured Fourth Estate Article on Mason Dining Grand Openings

Mason Dining Showcases New Restaurants

Article by Madison Schofield, Staff Writer for the Fourth Estate

Halal guys grand opening at the Johnson Center. Photo by: Ron Aira/Creative Services/George Mason University
Civic Engagement Events

Read: Featured Mason Article on Mason Lobbies

Students get front-row seat to legislative process at Mason Lobbies

Article by Roddena I. Kirksey for George Mason University

Photo Credit: Evan Michio Creative Services

“Richmond for Mason Lobbies on Jan. 26 shared their college experience with legislators and highlighted the need for increasing financial aid for Mason students, increased funding per student, and increased staff and faculty salaries for the university to be more competitive in the Washington, D.C., metro area. They also highlighted Mason’s diversity and production of STEM and workforce-ready graduates.”

View the full article here.

Events Social Media Posts

SAC’s Consent Carnival

We are less than one week away from the Consent Carnival! Please join us in attending and learn more about consent!

To attend, register on Mason360💚💛 #Welcome2Mason


Spring 2022 Candidates for Student Body President

There are three tickets for Student Body President in the Spring 2022 Elections. Their social media profiles are listed below.


Anti-Asian Hate Crime Awareness

Saddened by recent news, Student Government wanted to provide the Mason community a safe space to talk about the recent violence and racism towards Asian-Americans. 💚 This student panel is hosted by our Vice Chair of University Life and Government & Community Relations Committees, Sophia Nguyen, and will feature members from the Taiwanese & Hong Konger American Student Association (THKSA), Asian Pacific American Coalition (APAC), Roosevelt @ Mason as well as Student Government. Please join us in spreading awareness and we hope to see you there, April 8 at 7pm!💛

If you are interested in attending the event, please click this link to learn more and register or check us out on Instagram Mason Student Government (@masonstudentgov) • Instagram photos and videos.


Destress with Student Government

Finals are quickly approaching like many of you, we too are stressing out a bit. Each semester around finals week Student Government and various other groups on campus host destress events meant to help distract from (if not alleviate) the stressors of finals week.

In the past we have given away free scantrons and blue books. Donuts and dogs were at one time popular too. But in the age of online schooling some of these are simply impossible.

Our Academics Team, led by Moses Hunsaker on the Senate side and Mackenzie Nelson on the Executive side, put together an amazing week-long destress fest. Starting on Wednesday May 13 until Wednesday May 20, we will be posting on our social media Monday/Wednesday/Friday important tips, tricks, and more to help you destress.

Be sure you are following us on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook at @masonstudentgov to stay up-to-date on the latest destress events.

From all of us at Student Government: Good luck on your finals. We hope to see many of you in the fall. To our amazing soon-to-be graduates, we wish you the best too!


Gold Rush 2019

Wow! Gold Rush 2019 was an absolute blast. This year Student Government partnered with the Patriot Activities Council and the Resident Student Association to host one of the most popular events of the fall semester. 

Gold Rush kicked off with a lively tailgate outside of EagleBank Arena followed by giveaways, games, and great pre-game activities at 5:30 PM. Well before doors opened there was already a line of eager students waiting to receive one of the free Gold Rush 2019 t-shirts, beanies, or caps. We gave away hundreds!

Parents, siblings, and relatives visiting for Family Weekend were treated to an extra special night of basketball madness. The Patriots won 76 – 65 against the Longwood Lancers. Check out one of our favorite moments from the game here.

Tonight’s success though wasn’t without months of preparation and handwork by all the partners involved. We want to specially thank both the Secretary for University Life, Logan Hoover, and the Chairman for the University Life Committee, David O’Connell, for their dedication over the last several weeks.

Most importantly, thank you Patriots for coming out and showing your support. Cheers to a successful Gold Rush 2019!