Don't Forget to Vote for Your Student Senators! It's time to vote for your student senators! Elections will open at 12:00AM on October 6th and will close at 11:59PM on October 7th. Voting will take place on!

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Fall 2015 Election Timeline Announced! Every Fall, 10 seats in the Student Senate are reserved for freshman & transfer students ONLY! The Fall election timeline is below, but if you have any questions, please feel free to email If you’re interested in joining a different branch either though the Executive Cabinet OR the Elections &...

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Thank You for Supporting Mason Lobbies 2015! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL OF THE SUPPORT FOR MASON LOBBIES 2015!  On January 29, 2015, almost 100 undergraduate students, faculty, staff, and alumni boarded buses down to Richmond for the fourth annual Mason Lobbies event. They showed the state legislature how much Mason means to our community and what great work our...

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Want to avoid a Spirit Violation? Then wear GREEN &... [youtube][/youtube]   Hey Mason! Remember to wear your Mason gear every Friday, or else you may get caught by our Spirit Squad- and get a violation!

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George Mason University Student Government Welcome Letter to The Class of 2019

To the Class of 2019:

Congratulations and Welcome to George Mason University!

We are so excited for you to begin your journey as Mason Patriots! You have already made it far in your pursuit of academic excellence and personal growth. Now that you are a part of the Mason community, you will have limitless opportunities and will meet the most amazing people! We encourage you to reach out to your fellow Patriots and take advantage of everything Mason has to offer!

The secret to success in college is simple – never let any opportunity pass you by. College is the time in your life when you will be challenged to think independently and step out of your comfort zone. So take advantage of everything that this University has to offer you! Take advantage of the unique internship and job opportunities available only in this area, join one of the over 300 student organizations or create your own, develop your skills as a leader, and pursue your passions and open the doors to the rest of your life! Don’t view your next four years as simply a trip from point A to point B; but rather view this time as a journey, where the prize is not attained at the end, but is collected throughut your voyage.

Remember that the next four years are for YOU. This is the time for you to develop into the person that you want to be for the rest of your life; all decisions that you make need to be based on what is best for YOU – don’t take these decisions lightly! College is meant to be an exciting and challenging time of your life to help prepare yourself for the future. If you find yourself feeling down or discouraged, keep your head up. Know that each difficult experience is meant to help build you into a stronger person, a stronger version of you. Embrace the moments in which you struggle, because these are the moments that will lift you up. We know you can do it and it’s important that you recognize that too! Another secret to success is to be sure to share your journey with family and friends! It’s imperative to have a strong support network as the people closest to you can sometimes offer the best advice in the event that you’re feeling unsure of what the next step should be.

Now it’s YOUR turn. Go out and have fun, learn from your mistakes, and achieve your goals! Remember that there will be people every step of the way to help you. You can find students and faculty in Student Involvement in The HUB, who love mentoring and informing students of the great services and opportunities Mason has for valuable, experiential learning. Our office is located there as well, so don’t be afraid to peek in, say hello, and ask any questions you may have. Now that we’ve gotten you excited and ready to go, put your helmets on and buckle up, because you’re in for an exciting ride!


All the best,

Khushboo Bhatia and Ali Zaidi
Student Body President and Vice President, 2015-2016
Student Government –

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