Spring 2015 Election Results Announced! On April 6th, 2015, the Elections & Disputes Commission announced the winners of the Student Government Spring 2015 Election. The following individuals have been elected to serve in term for the 2015-2016 academic year. Below are a list of the announced winners, as well as the official report released by the EDC....

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Thank You for Supporting Mason Lobbies 2015! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL OF THE SUPPORT FOR MASON LOBBIES 2015!  On January 29, 2015, almost 100 undergraduate students, faculty, staff, and alumni boarded buses down to Richmond for the fourth annual Mason Lobbies event. They showed the state legislature how much Mason means to our community and what great work our...

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Student Government works to establish Medical Amnesty... This year, Student Government has been actively involved in the creation and implementation of the University’s Medical Amnesty Program, which launched at the beginning of the FALL 2014 semester. This program is designed to provide an educational, non-disciplinary intervention when students experience their first alcohol...

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Student Government 2014-2015 Vision & Priorities On Thursday, September 11th, 2014 the Student Senate ratified the 2014-2015 Student Government Vision & Priorities document. The document was compiled by members from Student Government and has been presented to several University Administrators. Below outlines the 5 visions for the organization this year, which will...

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Want to avoid a Spirit Violation? Then wear GREEN &... [youtube][/youtube]   Hey Mason! Remember to wear your Mason gear every Friday, or else you may get caught by our Spirit Squad- and get a violation!

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Serving You and the Needs of the Mason Community (Today)

November 3, 2014

Today’s Mason is much different from the Mason of five years ago (which was much different from the Mason five years before that and so on and so forth).  Although “innovation is tradition” may no longer be our University’s tagline, it is certainly alive and well as part of our community’s culture and reputation.  As USA News & World Report continues year after to year to list us in the top ten of “up-and-coming schools,” our University embraces this sentiment by its forward-thinking nature.  This is a good mindset to have, as long term thoughtful planning and visioning can be attributed to George Mason University’s successful walk on its course for greatness.

As representatives of the student body, we believe that it is our job to ensure that students feel that Mason is great today.  While our organization is purposed with serving the needs of the entire Mason Community, we hold fast to the idea that the most important population of that group that should have their needs and priorities serviced with the utmost care are those who are currently enrolled at George Mason University as students.  This is not said to deny the importance of forward thinking and vision making, but rather to emphasize that as Student Government works we are continuously affirming the mantra of “students first” across the institution through every, meeting, initiative, and program that we promote and participate in.

With that being said, we are ready and willing to receive feedback from the student body at large on what issues and services need the most urgent care in order to help push the culture that we are at a great University.  The push to change the Mason Dining hours of operation earlier this year is probably one of the greatest examples of students working together to ensure that their needs are being met today.  The student body voiced a concern, our organization translated that concern to University administration, and all three parties were able to work together in a constructive and comprehensive way to produce the best possible result.

Student Government is listening.  We have an ear to the campus climate and want to know what this student body is yearning for so that when the time comes for each student to leave this University, they can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that their years at George Mason University were “great.”  At the same time, we have an ear listening in to the decisions being made at the top by University Administration.  We are doing our part to ensure that our voice is being listened to, as legitimate representation of students, so that all that we advocate for is taken seriously as what is in the students’ best interest.  This semester has only half way begun, and we look forward to continuing to hear from you regarding what changes you would like us to push for.  In this way, Student Government will able to continue to commit to assuring the Mason Community that, regardless of year, major, or campus, the current interests of all students are being served and prioritized so that we all will find ourselves succeeding in a greater Mason today.

All the Best,

Phil Abbruscato & Dilan Wickrema

Student Body President & Vice President

Student Government –

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